What are restricted access data?

Restricted access or confidential datasets contain information that poses risks to human subjects.  This risk comes in the form of potential disclosure of personal information. [more]

Why are there special procedures for access?

Research using these data is subject to the “Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Research Subjects,” informally known as the “Common Rule”.  [more]

Why use restricted access data?

The same information that poses risks for disclosure provides opportunities for research that would not otherwise be possible. [more]

How are restricted access datasets made available?

There are various models of access. [more]

What are some examples of established sources of confidential data?

A number of major social science data sources that are publicly available also have restricted access, confidential versions that may be obtained under certain conditions. [more]

What are the conditions of use for restricted access data?

The conditions of use vary.  Contracts generally spell out specific requirement for methods of use, inspections and penalties, publication of analyses, security, and administrative requirements. [more]

SSDS and the Center for Poverty Research sponsor a brown bag series on restricted access data that draws together a variety of resources.